Locust Pruning

Locust Pruning

Using the spider lift in a backyard located in Richmond.  Only access was a 3′ gate.  Removed and reduced limbs over- hanging a sun room with a glass roof.   Mats were used to avoid any damage to the turf and landscape while working on this Honey Locust Tree.

Large Maple Removal

Large Maple Removal- BLANDFORD, MA

Very large decayed Sugar Maple Tree removal in Blandford MA this week. Although the tree had a full canopy, there was only 4 inches of wood around the circumference of the tree. A beauty at one time, but a hazard now! This tree was over 6ft in diameter. 

Maple prune

Maple prune-Becket,MA

Difficult setup with the spider lift today pruning a large Sugar Maple Leader in Becket.  Very tough and steep terrain but we still got it done!