April 20, 2017


Kevin Holden Tree Trimming and Removal FAQ's

Why hire an arborist?

 Trees require ongoing maintenance and expert care to provide you and your property with value and numerous benefits that trees provide. Arborists are trained in the art and science of tree care and are equipped to handle any tree situation. An untrained person can do more harm than good, as improper care to trees can be detrimental, leading to decreased aesthetics and increased liability and maintenance costs.

What should I look for in a qualified tree company?

 When getting estimates, it is important to not concentrate on the lowest bid. The cheapest price often goes with inexperienced workmanship and will cost more in the future to correct improper tree care.

 Ask for proof of insurance and workers compensation. This will be provided upon request, directly from the insurance company. Make sure the insurance is good for tree services, not just general contractor’s liability.

Is there a best time to prune trees? How often should I prune?

 It depends on what goals the customer is trying to achieve. The ideal time to prune trees is generally in the dormant season while the leaves are not on the tree. Dead and diseased branches can be pruned anytime of year and young trees should be trained early to avoid poor structure and large pruning cuts in the future. Routine maintenance pruning on the majority of tree species should be done every 3-4 years. This will depend most importantly on the species, location, environmental conditions and aesthetic qualities desired.

My tree is located in a wetland, what precautions should I take?

 We take the environment very seriously. With any work to be done near a body of water or wetland boundary, we will contact the local conservation commission and have an agent look at the situation to grant necessary permits. It is also important to consider the elevation in which work may be performed. Provisions such as the Scenic Mountain Act protect mountainous regions from unnecessary cutting.

Will my lawn be protected?

 If we need to drive heavy equipment across your lawn we will lay Alturnamats, a heavy plastic mat, to minimize the impact on grassy surfaces. We offer zero impact tree removal and advanced tree rigging to reduce lawn damage as much as possible.